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Ceres Safes

The Godrej Ceres Safes can be used for homes & small offices to keep cash, jewellery and other valuables, safely. The Ceres is compact, strong & economical - truly value for money.


One removable shelf

Available in Dual tone powder coated finish.

Provided with one Godrej 6 lever lock.

A high resolution image of the finger is captured, which enhances security.
Facility for anchoring at the bottom.
Two strong "movable shooting bolts" for extra protection .

Cash Box

Designed to protect handy cash or valuable possession, for business and home use.


Single plate multibend construction.

Rigid steel lid, double bent along its locking edge.

Detachable anchor plate for easy fixing and unfixing on a table/platform for day operations.

Optional coin slot with tray available.

Powder coated finish.

Provided with 3-compartment tough plastic coin tray.

Optionally, also available in different types for light duty applications.



A super strong safe perfect for cash, jewelry and important documents.

3 way locking arrangement

A fully welded multibend body with double – walled safe.
Provision for anchoring arrangement at the bottom.
Opens only with a Godrej high precision dual control lock. 
One adjustable shelf for better utilization of space.

A dignified and lasting look and an elegant handle that compliment any décor.
Attractive powder coated finish with dual tone colour - off white on door & metallic grey.

7-tank surface cleaning process followed by powder coating, inhibits corrosion and increase

   scratch resistance.

Manual Safe

A range of fire resisting safes to protect valuable documents.

Castor wheels available.

Designed to withstand fire for up to 90 minutes.

Special tongue and groove construction to prevent hot gases and smoke from seeping in.

Option for two key locks or one numerical combination lock and one key lock .

One lockable drawer and one adjustable shelf to maximise interior storage space.

Safes are Powder Coated in Textured / Hammer Tone Finish.

Flexibility of Horizontal / Vertical models in FR Safes 20 ltr. and 30 ltr.

Matrix Safe 

Matrix is a high quality fire and burglary resistant safe that offers high levels of security to apartments, private homes, businesses and executive offices. It is most suitable for commercial applications. Sleek, compact and easy to operate, the Matrix comes in a range of four models to suit every need.

Strong double-walled construction.

Adjustable shelves for convenience.

Godrej made unpickable dual control 6-lever key lock .

Double Duty Barrier provides fire as well as burglary resistance .

Ideal for cash, jewellery, Silver, credit cards, passport, cameras, important documents, etc.


Premium Coffer

Premium coffers come with 2 shooting bolts that ensure total security. Designed to protect handy cash or valuable possession, for business and home use.


2 Shooting bolts.

Solid steel plate door.

Single plate multibend construction.

Powder coated finish.

Rear end of the door acts as a continuous bolt.

Armoured with hammer and drill resistant shield.

Can be fixed on a table or shelf, or embedded into a wall .

Optional coin slot with tray available.

Available in 2 colours : Brown & Gold & Blue & Silver., Phone : 92722 00550, 98909 98160
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