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E-Bio Safes

It ensures that your valuables are protected with the most intricate key design-your finger print.


Optical Biometric Sensor: The safe uses the best technology for fingerprint capture using

   advanced optics, so as to provide unparalleled security.

The reading surface is treated to provide excellent wear resistance.

A high resolution image of the finger is captured, which enhances security.
Fingerprint Capacity : You can store upto 30 fingerprint templates. This enables all your trusted

  family members to register their fingerprints and use the safe without any key.
Fast and Accurate Verification: Your fingerprint is verified very fast, within seconds of you

   placing your finger, due to the advanced algorithm incorporated in the unit.
Strong Steel Construction: The safe is made using very high quality prime steel.
A robust twin bold mechanism is provided, thus securing the safe extremely well.

Electronic Rhino

Incredibly strong yet compact, these safes can be easily accomodated in all residences.


A heavy plate door hinged on strong pivots in solid-steel bearing block.

2 shooting bolts behind a rebate act like a continuous vertical bolt.

Auto Freeze to prevent opening by trial and error.

Opens only with a Godrej high-precision 6-lever key.

A 7-step process imparts corrosion and scratch resistance.

A dignified and lasting look, and an elegant handle compliment any décor.

Digital keypad for keyless opening.
2 user passwords enables confidential operations.
Lock and vital parts of the bolt work are protected with a drill-resistant armour plate.


E - Swipe

Electronic safes with swipe reader.

Heavy duty push button key pad with a magnetic swipe reader.
Can be operated using credit cards: supports most prominent credit cards / debit cards / ATM

   Cards worldwide.
Auto freeze: keypad freezes if wrong passwords or wrong cards are swiped consecutively. 
Low battery status indication provided.
Emergency mechanical override, to open safe without damage in case password is forgotten.

Non-volatile memory: prevents passwords erasure during battery drain or failure.
Dual password levels: user & master passwords; 4-digit password capability.

Motorised operation.


Safire - Electronic Safe

Designed keeping in mind the strength and the frightening power of fire.

Designed to withstand fire for up to 90 minutes.

Special tongue and groove construction to prevent hot gases and smoke from seeping in.

Locking option - one electronic combination lock.

One lockable drawer and one adjustable shelf to maximise interior storage space.

Safes are Powder Coated in Textured / Hammer Tone Finish.

Flexibility of Horizontal / Vertical models in FR Safes 20 ltr and 30 ltr.


Taurus Safe

Interior Carpet.

Motorized Locking.

2 Solid Steel Bolts.

Single molded case.

Highly durable finish.

Attractive Ivory Colour.

Automatic Shutdown & Mechanical override.

Can we anchored or bolted in your wardrob/dressing tables etc for added security.


Treasure Chest Electronic Safe

Treasure Chest electronic Safes for Residences and Hotels.

Mechanical override

Sturdy shooting bolts

Solid steel door (5mm thickness)

Single plate multibend construction.

Audio-visual low battery indicator.

Auto-freeze facility to eliminate unauthorised access.

User programmable Dual password level, with 3-16 digit password capability.

Mechanical design with microswitch for increased battery life even with longer door open time.

Non-volatile memory, One removable shelf & ERTL approved electronics., Phone : 92722 00550, 98909 98160
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