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Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets


Fabricated from plates of prime quality tested steel.
Brass Levers are actuated by phosphor bronze springs.
Locks protected by a solid steel door, with no part protruding out.
State-of-the-art twelve-tank anti-corrosion treatment for all steel components.
High quality enamel paint coating, oven-baked under controlled conditions for scratch-

   resistant finish.
Available with individual lockers in 10 different types and over 1600 combinations optionally
   could be made available with Jewel Boxes and Renters Personal Loc.


As per IS 5442:1991
Approved and listed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)


Steel Fabricated Strong Room

Fire and Burglary Resistant Steel Fabricated Strong Room for Banks to effectively handle the inflow and outflow of cash with required security.

Can be assembled and dismantled as and when required.

Fitted with Godrej Defender Plus Class I Door of Class ‘C’ category.

Knockdown design makes transportation easier.

Minimises disturbance to the existing layout during erection.

All components are Anti-rust treated and supplied in red primer.

Door frame fabricated from bent angle section, and secured to the front wall of the room

   with strong lines of rivets and bolts turned from inside.
The sides, top and bottom are fabricated using 10mm thick, prime quality steel plates

   held together with rivets and bolts.
Available in two standard sizes (8 x 11 x 8) and (8 x 15 x 8), but can be manufactured

   to suit client requirements on request.


High Security Doors


Door Frame : The door frame is one piece bent rivet-less fully welded "C" frame.
Rebate : 65mm deep box jamb rebate protects shooting bolts against numerous forms of

   burglary viz.
Height Adjustment Mechanism : It comes fitted on the door and pivots for perfect

   alignment of door.

Door Slab : The door slab is made using a special monolithic Torch and Drill Resistant

   layer (TDR matrix) which is cast in situ.

Limit Switch : Pivot operated limit switch for internal room lighting.

Locking Mechanism : The locking mechanism has a balanced pressure bolt work.
Shooting Bolt : A 4-way shooting bolt mechanism - total 16 nos., 6 nos. each on left

   and right, and 2 nos. each on top and bottom.

Locks - 2 nos. : High precision, unpickable, dual control locks fabricated using all brass

   body, brass.

Grille Gate : It is fitted with a high precision 8 lever all brass dual control lock operable

   from both sides.

Defender Plus Strong Room Doors


Door frame is a piece bent angle welded construction fabricated from 10mm M S plates.

5 classes in increasing degree of security from Class C to Class AAA spec. of BIS.

Composite protection for Class I of 70mm (Class C Standard) and for Class II of 90mm.

Also available with a slab thickness up to - 175mm for high Security applications.

A Torch and Drill Resistant Matrix structure barrier provided on High Security Doors.

Unique balanced pressure bolt work to neutralize the pressure on the lock bolt.

Handles fitted on an impact resisting shaft that defeats attempts to hammer it in.

High quality nitrocellulose paint to render smooth, scratch-free finish.

Emergency doors for entry into strong rooms.

A 12-step anti-corrosion treatment for all steel components, after which the components

   are given a coat of rust inhibiting zinc rich primer for more protection.

Optionally, a strong room door hung on the left can also be provided.

Optionally a crane hinged mechanism is also available for High Security Doors.

Doors are optionally provided with a compression mechanism and limit switch if required.

Currency Bin Cabinets

To help banks effectively utilise the strong room space, Godrej offers (Sliding Door) Currency Bin Cabinets.


Designed to maximise available storage space.

Manufactured from prime quality, cold-rolled, close-annealed steel.

Machine-formed multiple-bend construction for strength.

Interlocking and welding used for joining components, eliminates use of fasteners.

Unique colour indicator flags to indicate locked, unlocked condition.

Sliding doors leaf of each Bin is fitted with two precision engineered Godrej 6 lever locks.

Available special size Bin Cabinets for use in Fire and Burglar Resisting Steel Fabricated

   Strong Rooms meant for C Class Currency Chests.

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